Headquartered in Linwood, New Jersey, Computer Service & Support (CSS) has over 35 years’ experience in reference lab automation. We understand the challenges laboratories and their clients face in ordering, conducting, and resulting lab tests.

Patient health depends on streamlined and accurate laboratory processes. Quality control needs to be maintained so that doctors receive the most accurate test results possible. All the information gained through laboratory testing needs to be integrated with EMRs.

As a certified IBM Business Partner, CSS has leveraged IBM technology into a customized LIS that meets the unique demands of laboratories and their clients. Our status as IBM Business Partner means we have the expertise needed to implement and support leading technology solutions so we can bring extra value to our customers.

Building the Ideal Laboratory
Information System

Based on CSS’s expertise in laboratory IT, we developed the Avalon Laboratory Information System (LIS). Avalon LIS is a modularized system designed as a comprehensive solution to all a laboratory’s needs. CSS has written Avalon LIS specially to improve ease of use. Graphic user interfaces make using the system intuitive. End-to-end automation ensures that the entire laboratory process from ordering to billing is conducted quickly and efficiently.

Developing Lasting Partnerships

CSS is interested in building long-term relationships with our customers. If a client’s situation demands customizations, we are willing to adapt features to meet their needs.

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CSS knows that a laboratory’s success depends not only on accuracy, but also on the satisfaction of clients and their patients.