generic dapoxetineEntering data manually is time-consuming and increases the risk of costly and potentially dangerous errors. Laboratory personnel need a way to automate the data entry process for guaranteed accuracy.

For the last 35 years, CSS has continuously worked to develop instrument interfaces that allow laboratory instrumentation to integrate with the Avalon LIS. Avalon LIS supports 350 instrument interfaces throughout the country – and the list is still growing.

Improving the Flow of Healthcare Information

Patient demographic information and testing can be sent from Avalon LIS to the instrument. Sending the information electronically eliminates the need for manual data entry. Once test results have been retrieved, technicians can review the results before approving it for disposition. Color screens make problems easy to identify so technicians can inform the doctor or rerun the test.

Quality control information can also be sent directly from the instrument to the LIS. This way, technicians can always be sure their instruments are operating within acceptable limits.

To automate communications between laboratory instrumentation and the main system, Avalon LIS uses barcoded sample labels to allow auto-sampling with barcode scanners. Barcode scanning allows technicians to auto-sample directly from the tube without the need for time-consuming and error-prone manual data entry.