phentermine topiramateadipex interactionsreporting2reporting3reporting4reporting5reporting6reporting7Laboratory testing and reportingreporting1reporting2reporting3reporting4reporting5reporting6reporting7 is a complicated process. Multiple tests from a single patient may need to be sent to different departments in a laboratory. Tests need to be ordered and results need to be sent to the proper physicians. Once the results from one test come through, more tests may need to be ordered. Then, the bills need to be cleared with the patient’s insurance.

With all these moving parts, the process may not go as quickly as it needs to for efficient patient care. CSS has designed a solution that keeps errors from creeping in. The system creates secure interfaces so that patient privacy is protected when information is transmitted and exchanged.

Avalon Laboratory Information Systems (LIS)

  Avalon LIS takes these key challenges into account and meets them head-on. With a modularized system, it completely automates laboratory ordering, reporting, and billing processes.

Features of Avalon LIS

Avalon LIS offers ease of use with an intuitive graphical user interface. Orders can be entered and communicated directly to laboratory instruments for faster turnaround and greater accuracy.

The system is fully HIPAA compliant. The physician outreach portal ensures doctors can freely access the information for their patients. Administrators can set multiple levels of access so unauthorized access of patient information is blocked.

The system provides multiple modules that increase laboratory efficiency, accuracy, and profitability. These modules automate quality control, scheduling, testing, and billing.

Financing for Avalon LIS

CSS wants Avalon LIS to be within the reach of laboratories. As such, we offer several options for financing:

  • Leasing for IBM hardware and CSS software is available through IBM Global Financing (IGF).
  • Multi-vendor solutions can be leased through monthly payments.