Electronic billing is becoming increasingly complex. Laboratories need to verify claims against patient insurance benefits. Mistakes lead to lags in payment, as rejected claims need to be corrected and resubmitted.

Avalon LIS offers specialized functionality and rules that meet payer requirements. Laboratories can bill directly to the insurance, freeing doctors from the task of entering information manually.

With the Avalon Billing Module, insurance claims can be verified so that they are accepted on the first try. The system can check for Medicare or other insurance numbers.

The requirements of different insurance companies can be configured into the system so that the laboratory can ensure they have the right information to bill for a test. Increased accuracy in billing eliminates the need to resubmit claims.

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Error-proof Avalon Laboratory Billing Systems

The Avalon Laboratory Billing System ensures tests are billed properly and paid for in a timely way. After information comes from the EMR, the system checks for insurance coverage before submitting a claim.

Business Intelligence keeps track of cash flow and receivables so the laboratory always knows where it stands financially.

Change Healthcare Claims Processing and Tracking Portal

The Healthcare Claims Processing and Tracking Portal communicates in real-time to ensure that claims are filed properly and payments are made promptly. Coverage can be quickly verified and notifications are sent when mistakes are detected. The status of a claim can be checked at any point in the revenue cycle.

Change Healthcare Patient Billing and Payment Portal

This portal secures patient billing and streamlines the process of sending patient statements. Patient statements can be mailed by post automatically or submitted electronically to be paid online.

Eliminate Insurance Claims Fraud

Healthcare providers are lucrative targets for data theft. Stolen patient records are offered for top dollar on the black market. Cybercriminals use stolen medical information to commit fraud, so healthcare providers need to keep their eyes open. If patient data is stolen, laboratories and doctors may be fined and lose patient trust.

The Avalon Billing Module stops medical claims fraud in its tracks by checking to ensure claims information is accurate and valid before a claim is submitted.

Not all fraud is committed by cybercriminals. If laboratories aren’t careful about how they track billing, they might be committing fraud by charging too much for services or charging for services that haven’t been provided.