adipex from canadaSetting orders for tests and running them is only part of the story for laboratories. Once tests have been conducted, the data produced needs to be compiled into a report so that doctors can make the right decisions about patient treatment.

To produce these reports, laboratories need timely and open access to the information stored in their databases. Avalon LIS uses a powerful SQL database to store and process test results. Laboratories must submit queries for information to the SQL database to compile result reports. These queries need to be answered quickly so that doctors can receive results in time to diagnose illnesses, prescribe medications, and get needed statistical information.

Gaining Access to Vital Patient Data

The Avalon SQL Access Module enables end users to access the database directly. Data processing staff at laboratories can read the database so they can provide custom reports and functions.

The Access Module allows the laboratory to freely access patient information. Reports can be issued whenever the laboratory staff needs to, providing statistical information to doctors in a timely fashion. End users get quick responses to their queries so they can produce reports more efficiently and gain flexibility in accessing their own information.