The main laboratory can’t always reach every patient. Some patients live in remote locations that aren’t directly serviced by the main laboratory. These patients still need to receive regular testing services. Every patient deserves access to the same vital healthcare resources no matter where they are located. When patients can’t come to the main laboratory, the laboratory must come to them.

To meet the needs of these patients and the clients that serve them, many laboratories must support employees and instrumentation in locations outside of the main laboratory. To preserve patient privacy, sensitive information transmitted from the satellite laboratory to the main laboratory must be protected from prying eyes.

Bringing Lab Testing to the Patient

With the Avalon LIS Remote Laboratory Modules, main laboratories can run secure remote locations and even support multiple locations simultaneously. Instruments can be set up in remote locations and run according to quality control regulations. Not every laboratory is run the same way, so the Remote Laboratory Module can customize result reports to accommodate different facilities and rules.

Wherever the remote laboratory is located, orders can be placed and test results can be reported and sent to client EMRs.