Laboratories are under pressure to maintain strict quality control measures for their tests. Without these controls, doctors can’t be sure that their test results are accurate and complete.

Quality control checks must be conducted daily to ensure instruments are operating within Q.C. rules. If laboratories don’t run quality control checks on their instruments and submit reports, regulatory agencies will take away their certifications.

Automating Quality Control

Levy 2 Avalon LIS gives laboratories and their clients peace-of-mind by automating the quality control process through its Quality Control Module. Westgard or custom rules can be configured into the system.

The Quality Control Module then collects information from the interfaced instruments and matches data points against the rules established by the laboratory. Once checks have been completed, quality control data can be entered manually or transmitted automatically through an instrument interface.

Management reporting can be conducted to follow either predefined or customized parameters. The system logs information about the results and time of the quality control check so information is available in the event of an audit.

To satisfy the requirements of regulatory agencies, the Avalon Quality Control Module produces 3-part Levey-Jennings reports with graphs that visualize the results for easy interpretation. Graphs show moving averages for analytes along with standard deviations, Westgard rules, and variations.