After doctors prescribe medications, administering the correct dosage is left up to the patient. To make sure drugs are being used correctly, doctors need to regularly test their patients.

Avalon LIS offers modules for both pain management and toxicology to monitor drug use.

Pain Management

HILLINTPSOUS1US2VERPain management can be a risky part of patient care because many pain medications can be addictive. Doctors rely on the patient’s word when measuring the level of pain that needs to be addressed. Patients may overreport levels of pain or boost dosages as they become more resistant to the medication. Pain medications like opioids have a street market value, so some patients may not take their medication and sell it instead.

Laboratories need to ensure that patients are using their medications responsibly. Avalon LIS can determine if patients’ results are consistent with their taking their pain medications as prescribed.


Government regulations demand that patients be tested for long-term drug use. Toxicology results need to be compared against prescribed medications. Avalon LIS can automatically tell the doctor if results are consistent with the prescribed drugs the patient is supposed to be taking.

The Toxicology Module can detect drugs and metabolites of drugs. The lab results are easy to understand. The module displays a consistent or inconsistent outcome based on a database within the system.