my phentermine stopped workingMicrobiology testing is an essential part of diagnosing many illnesses so they can be treated quickly and effectively. Not only is the health of an individual patient at stake, but prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of an infectious disease, environmental pathogen, or foodborne illness can affect the health of an entire community.

Rapid identification of a pathogen could prevent an outbreak. A quick diagnosis for an individual patient could mean the difference between life and death.

Many illnesses are caused by bacteria, fungi, viruses, or parasites. Correct diagnosis requires the use of multiple instruments to properly prepare and test a sample. Laboratories need to ensure that these instruments are calibrated properly and that the diagnostic information they provide flows freely so that results can be processed quickly.

Cutting through the Complexity of Microbiology Testing

The Microbiology Module creates an interface between the microbiology analyzer and Avalon LIS. With this interface, data flows seamlessly between instruments and the entire system. Reports can be generated quickly without the risk of transcription errors. The laboratory can easily report the complex results produced by microbiology testing.

The module also includes additional reports that some clients may need to meet the compliance standards on reporting organisms. Rules-based decision making ensures that the testing of specimens follows quality control standards for the most accurate results possible.